Classic Superhero Illustrations

Commissions and Cover Recreations


Superheroes are the reason I fell in love with comics and a source of energy in my work. These were drawn using Pentel Brushpens and Staedler Pigma Liners.

Tabletop RPG Illustrations

Autobiographical Short Story for ZEA

The first three illustrations were drawn to commemorate a Monster of the Week campaign with Brando Hughes, Erin King, and Madeline McGrane. These illustrations were drawn with a Pentel Brushpen and colored using Procreate.


The remaining illustrations are official art I drew for Fellowship a tabletop RPG game about going on an adventure, in the same vein as Lord of the Rings or Wakfu or The Legend of Zelda.  The system is loosely based on the Apocalypse Engine, but the game does not feature the typical Game Master that many other tabletop games do. These illustrations were drawn with Uniball Air pens and colored using Procreate.

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